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What does it take to be a great
trainer and coach?

Jim DiMilte and Shy Canadian
Jim DiMilte and Shy Canadian

It takes great education, many years of experience, a well developed philosophy of riding, a passion for teaching and a unique ability to communicate. These elements can all be found in a classically schooled, USDF certified instructor, coach and trainer here in the Pacific Northwest, Jim DiMilte.

Internationally Influenced Repertoire

    Jim DiMilte is a certified riding instructor who has ridden with many of the most respected names in the dressage world. While being certified by the Morven Park International Equestrian Institute in 1971, Jim studied with Major Joseph Lynch, the 1968 US Olympic Team coach, and Jimmy Wofford, one of that team's riders.
    Since that time Jim has pursued excellence in dressage, studying with Hans Möeller and Hans Handler of the Spanish Riding School, Charles DeKunffy, Hilda Guerney, Dominique Barbier, Natalie Lamping, Tom Poulin, Michael Handler, Lilo Fore, Sonja Vracko and many other respected and accomplished clinicians. Jim has also had the opportunity to attend clinics where he learned from Reiner Klimke, Robert Dover, Christine Stüeckelberger and Gustav Nableaus, former president of the FEI dressage committee. These experiences amount to a terrific repertoire of learning from some of the world's greatest dressage riders.

Jim and Pella
Jim and Pella

Knowledge of Equine and Human Bodywork

    Jim has a great desire to understand and communicate both the "hows" and the "whys" of teaching, training and riding. This is shown in his additional schooling, clinics and personal experiences.

He has attended the seminars of Sally Swift, taken classes in human and equine anatomy, physiology and psychology and has undertaken extensive work from practitioners of Rolfing and the Alexander techniques of bodywork. This makes him uniquely qualified to more fully understand the workings of the human body as it moves with and directs the movement of the horse.

Unique Ability to Communicate

     These opportunities and experiences have given Jim various perspectives on the ideals and interpretations in the world of dressage and have allowed him to hone his philosophy of riding. Jim uses classic ideas combined with great teaching to see through each student's eyes and body. He uses analogies and combines explanation, demonstration and execution as cornerstones of his teaching process. He strives to be not only a great rider but a great communicator. He has the all-important ability to communicate to the rider what the correct feeling on the horse should be.

    Jim works well with all levels of riders. In addition to 30-plus years of teaching private and group lessons, he has taught 4-H groups, pony club, community college courses in Texas and Illinois and college courses at Prescott College in Arizona and Seattle University in Washington.

Jim DiMilte over fences
Jim DiMilte over fences

Successful Rider and Trainer

    He has competed successfully through 4th level on his Thoroughbred gelding, Shy Canadian. Jim believes in teaching and continuous learning as a part of life. A USDF bronze medallist, he has also completed his USDF instructor's certification and is USDF Certified TR-2 ... just one more great accomplishment in an already rich riding resumé.

If you are searching for an instructor who has years of experiences and a passion for both riding and teaching, Jim DiMilte is the classically schooled, well-rounded trainer for your needs.

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